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All Bottles are 32oz and
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Just Added!  Stevia Sweetened Tea

  Sugar Free
  ZERO Calories
  ZERO Glycemic Index

  Caffeine Free
  ZERO Carbs
  Naturally Sweetened

FRUITA WATER - Stevia Sweetened Beverages, Sugar-Free Drinks for Kids and Diabetics. Great when it comes to Energy Enhancement and weightloss. Distributor Opportunities available! Learn more here. Call 1-800-880-6655 if you are interested in buying Fruita-Drink enhancers.

You can order Fruita Water right here on our website. Just select the flavor that you'd like, click 'checkout' and pay securely with PayPal.

Fruita water, it's a whole new way to look at water.



Whether you are a restaurant owner, looking for a fun, new product, to offer your patrons, a concession stand operator seeking a high margin, easy to prepare beverage, with lots of flavors, or a health conscious mom, wanting to offer your kids and their friends a healthy alternative to sugary sodas or 'diet' drinks, Fruita Water has the answer.

Celebrity Endorsements
Chef Charles Mattocks